Every business owner dreads having to be involved in a lawsuit, but sometimes that is unavoidable or beyond your control. At some point, your business may have a dispute with a vendor, customer, supplier, landlord, or other party that leads to litigation.


At the Law Office of Ethan Ganc, we work with our clients to avoid litigation whenever possible and to pursue a negotiated settlement to any dispute, but we recognize that sometimes the only way to achieve a reasonable resolution is through a lawsuit. We provide practical and cost-effective solutions should litigation become necessary. Our firm handles all types of commercial litigation, including:


  • Breach of contract, including non-compete clauses
  • Non-payment disputes
  • Tortious interference with business/contract
  • Disputes between business partners
  • Dissolution/winding down of business

Judgment Enforcement

If you already have a judgment from outside New York City or New York State for a business or individual located or living in New York City, we can help you collect on that judgment. Visit our judgment enforcement page for more information.